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Biodiversity, the fabric of life, is being lost at an alarming rate, threatening the ecological, social, economic and spiritual dimension of all societies worldwide. Bending the curve of biodiversity loss is essential and urgent for achieving and delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals, the transition towards nature-positive and resilient societies and mainly for the future of humankind.

The Belgian Biodiversity Alliance mobilises the Belgian society in a concrete way in the fight against biodiversity loss in Belgium and beyond our borders through voluntary commitments. Here you can find the list of all projects and initiatives that were submitted through the website. You can filter by objective and location.

The indirect and direct drivers and pressures on biodiversity are well known and need to be at the center of any further efforts to conserve and sustainably use biodiversity. This requires dedicated efforts throughout society and is dependent on cooperation at all levels and between all sectors.

On this page you will find some successful examples of projects and actions for biodiversity. In this part we are highlighting existing initiatives in order to inspire anyone to take action.

Projects and initiatives

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Find out about the two key areas and the 10 objectives you can act on.

Axis 1

Expanding the green-blue network in, around and between cities due to the significant impact of cities

Axis 2

Making Belgian production and consumption more biodiversity-friendly