Axe 2 - Towards biodiversity-positive production and consumption

Neutral for biodiversity primary production areas

By 2030, 500 000 hectares of primary production in Belgium have at least a neutral impact on biodiversity

Primary production (agriculture, forestry, mining, energy production, etc…) in general has a large detrimental impact on biodiversity, but there are practices promoting production methods that conserve biodiversity. Reducing pressure of Belgian primary production on biodiversity in different sectors is key to ensure resilience and to fight against the challenges our society is facing.

So far, most of primary production has led to destruction of natural habitats and nesting sites, fragmentation of ecological network, unsustainable use of land and water, air, water and soil pollution, etc. Local primary production needs to aim at integrating biodiversity in practices in order to preserve it, rebuild the ecological network, preserve the soils, use in a more efficient way water and land, emit less greenhouse gases and so forth, while providing qualitative products.

What is to be achieved?

  • Sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity and its components
  • Reducing detrimental impacts on biodiversity of primary production
  • Integration of biodiversity concerns in primary production activities
  • Restoration and enhancement of the connectivity of the ecological network

Criteria to be reflected by the voluntary engagements:

  • Use biodiversity-inclusive production methods: rotation of crops/trees, crop mixtures, permanent plant coverage, agroforestry/ecology, reduced tillage, biodiversity-oriented management, no pesticides/chemicals, non-chemical production, organic production/manure, nature-based solutions, ecosystem restoration, re-afforestation with local and mixed tree species, …
  • Develop the land by incorporating biodiversity and provide an area dedicated to biodiversity (e.g. additional flowerbeds, absence/reduction of tillage/mowing/management in a certain area, insect hotel, reorganisation of mining sites, ...)
  • Have respect for and/or improve the environmental and ecological characteristics of the area
  • As much naturalness as possible/as little alteration as possible of the surrounding environment (landscape, quality of water, of soil, ...)
  • Promote the preservation of green and blue areas by limiting the expansion of land use
  • Incorporate these production methods into the surrounding environment (e.g. promote ecological continuity) to reduce their negative impact on the land

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