Belgian Biodiversity Alliance

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The Belgian Biodiversity Alliance

The Belgian Biodiversity Alliance (BBA) gathers public and private partners sharing the same vision and goal: to provide a common platform for tangible contributions by public and private actors in Belgium.

The BBA wants to inspire and to mobilise the whole Belgian society in a very concrete way in the fight against the loss of biodiversity. The Alliance intends to bring together all those who are taking actions in our country to protect, restore and sustainably use biodiversity.

The BBA is an independent alliance. Its governance emanates from the will of its partners. It is supported by a Secretariat through a non-profit association.

The network of actions and initiatives deployed across Belgium will contribute to achieving the regional, national, European and global ambitions for halting and reversing biodiversity loss by 2050. (2050 Vision of Living in Harmony with Nature for the benefit of people and planet - Strategic plan for biodiversity 2011-2020 - United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity)

This platform aims to :

Kick-start implementation in Belgium of European and global biodiversity targets, in particular for the Post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (adopted at the Conference of the Parties in Montreal in December 2022)


Collect and provide visibility to the multitude of efforts for biodiversity by a wide array of actors.


Provide a set of objectives that serve as beacon to inspire action.


Increase impact of individual actions as they collectively contribute to the common objectives.


Allow inspiring examples to be multiplied and scaled-up.


Encourage partnerships among public and private actors.

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